FL Mom Tries To Humiliate Child For Bad Grades, Humiliates Herself Instead

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Authorities say the student arrived at school wearing the shirt and was offered something else to wear by school officials. According to the reports, that is when they first noticed the extent of her injuries.

When the child was given another shirt to change into, school leaders noticed welts and bruising on the child’s body. Deputies say there were “numerous bruises and belt marks” on the student’s arms that extended from the shoulders to the wrists. The marks were consistent with being struck with a belt according to an arrest affidavit.

Investigators also noted the belt had metal divots that left impressions all over the victim’s body from neck to legs. Upon interview, Alexander admitted to authorities that she struck the child with a white leather belt and that her use of force was excessive. She has been charged with one count of cruelty toward a child.

We live in a world where the definition of ‘discipline’ is hotly contested, but there’s little question that what happened in this case was abuse. I can’t imagine the pain and humiliation this child was made to endure. I hate that it needs to be said, but children are people. Physical abuse and public humiliation scar them permanently, just like they would an adult, and are in no way acceptable forms of punishment.

Striking a child with a belt is abhorrent enough on its own, but the damage of shaming your child publicly — especially in middle school amongst their peers — cannot be understated. What happened to this child says nothing about her performance at school and everything about the cruel and unsupportive environment she’d likely been living in. If you’re worried about a child doing well in the world, I can assure you this is not the way to make it happen.

(Photos: Hernando County Sheriff’s Office)

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