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Mitt Romney Is Not Helping Me Get Snooki Over Her Post-Baby Vanity

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The Washington Post published the transcript for the Mitt and Ann Romney’s interview on “Live! With Kelly and Michael,” set to air on Tuesday on ABC and it’s totally not helping me with my campaign to get Snooki to care more about her new baby Lorenzo then fitting into her skinny jeans. Michael Strahan asked Mitt Romney the following and received this response:

Michael: Ok the most serious question of all? Honey Boo Boo or Snookie?

Mitt: I’m kind of a Snookie fan.

look how tiny’s she’s gotten. She’s lost weight. She’s energetic. Just her spark-plug personality is kind of fun.

No, Mitt Romney! We are not encouraging Snooki to lose weight or be tiny. She’s tiny enough as it is. I find it a bit depressing that this is the sort of question being asked of a presidential candidate. I want to think of my president as being opinionated about bigger issues than z-list reality TV stars. Plus, Mitt Romney talking about Snooki being tiny and a “spark plug” is just sort of icky to me.  Is this an attempt of Mitt Romney to show American voters that he is “down with the kids” and knowledgeable about pop culture to make him seem more down to earth? I’m not sure Mitt Romney has ever watched Snooki on her show because then he would be aware of her binge drinking and yelling and falling down and screaming. Spark plug, indeed.

Meanwhile, back in Twitter-town, Snooki is back to being a cute mom and posting updates about holding baby Lorenzo in her arms and how he is the “love of her life.” I wonder what her reaction will be when she discovers Mitt Romney is her fan?

When President Obama made a speech to the National Urban League in 2010 he had this to say about Snooki:

 “I was on the “The View” yesterday, and somebody asked me who Snooki was. I said, I don’t know who Snooki is. But I know some really good teachers that you guys should be talking about. I didn’t say the teacher part, but I just — (laughter.) The question is, who are we lifting up? Who are we promoting? Who are we saying is important?”

Oh Mitt Romney, I like President Obama’s reply much better. And the fact he hasn’t noticed or commented on Snooki’s post baby weight loss.

(Photo: Twitter Snooki)