Surprising Unknown Facts About Mister Rogers

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He saved the VCR.

Mister Rogers VCR

Images: PBS / Mister Rogers Neighborhood

Sony Corp of America v. Universal City Studios, Inc. was a major court case in the VCR industry. Sony created the Betamax video tape recording format, which can be used to record TV shows while they aired so that people can watch these TV shows whenever they wanted to. Companies such as Universal Studios and Walt Disney Studios did not believe in people recording their shows and chose to sue Sony in 1976. In 1979, Fred Rogers sided with Sony and expressed that he did not object to home recordings of his television show. In fact, he supported home recordings of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, since he believed that these recordings reinforce positive values from his television show. When the court ruled for Sony in 1983, they quoted Fred Rogers’ testimony in a footnote.

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