Surprising Unknown Facts About Mister Rogers

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He appeared on the prank TV show, Candid Camera.

Mister Rogers on Candid Camera

Images: CBS / Candid Camera

Fred Rogers appeared on several TV shows, including Arthur, Sesame Street, and Captain Kangaroo. But a show that fans may be surprised to find out that he featured on was the prank show, Candid Camera. The staff of the show pranked Fred Rogers by trying to sell him a hotel room without a television. Rogers realized that the show’s staff was filming him and flipped the script by telling them that he was perfectly fine staying in a hotel room without a television. It is still not a surprise to his biggest fans that he would be okay without a television in his room based on his views of the media industry. He enjoyed appearing on the prank show and was amazed that its host, Peter Funt, was able to recognize him immediately.

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