‘Miss Representation’ Tackles How Media Images Of Women Impact Kids

You don’t need to be an avid viewer of The Real Housewives to know that the media has a distaste for women. Hypersexualized commercials, degrading images, and endless shows depicting women as narcissistic materialists aren’t just limited to your television. Kids are finding this type of material through more than one avenue, as YouTube, iTunes, and beyond provide more platforms for kids to be bombarded with male-dominated media at all hours of the day. And regardless of if you’re a little boy or little girl, those countless hours of exposure to such narratives aren’t doing anything great for kids’ perceptions of women.

A new documentary film aptly titled Miss Representation plans to tackle that very concept with interviews from Gloria Steinem, Geena Davis, Jane Fonda, Rachel Maddow, Condoleezza Rice, and more.

Aside from getting some pretty articulate comments from young kids about the media, Miss Representation appears to delineate from pigeonholing this problem as a “girls’ issue.” You’ll find kids of both sexes discussing how the misogynistic treatment of women on screen impacts them and how little boys are told from a very young age that achieving true masculinity means mistreating women.

Sexist media negatively affects all children regardless of gender, but little girls should be enough to warrant concern all on their own.

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