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10 Miserable Everyday Chores All Parents Hate

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6. Cleaning Bottles



A dishwasher obviously fixes this issue but when our daughter was a baby, we didn’t have one. And of course, I stupidly got her into Dr. Brown’s bottles so we had that annoying little inner tube to clean along with everything else. Even with a dishwasher, trying to keep track of nipples, tops and bottles is so annoying.

7. Putting Toys Away

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Every day. Every single day. Mine clean up their own now and have for a while but back in the day, I felt like all I did was shuffle around on my knees putting toys into bins. Sad trombone.

8. Vacuuming The Car

hula vaccum


Cheerios, french fries, sand from the beach, discarded gum- there is always junk on the floor of my car. Sure, I could say “no eating in the car” but we all know that’s not going to happen.

9. Cleaning Up After A Diaper Blow-Out



Whether it’s getting poop out of the baby’s hair or scraping it off of an outfit you like too much to throw away, cleaning up after a blow-out just fucking sucks. There is no way around it.

10. Dealing With Curdled Milk Sippies

im done


I’m a terrible and wasteful person so I would simply toss them out when I found them under the couch or on the floor of the car. Cleaning them out is just too disgusting.

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