Miranda Kerr Talks Pumping And Working Motherhood

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With just a few beautiful pictures and some quick quotes, the Victoria Secret’s Supermodel, Miranda Kerr, is becoming quite the breastfeeding advocate.  Kerr famously posted a beautiful picture of her newborn nursing and now she’s speaking up about pumping at work.
Quoth the genetically gifted:

“I am breastfeeding and pumping. When I am at work, I am pumping. I feel like a milk maid, but its worth it.”

I’m sure that Kerr gets better accommodations than most working moms, trying to pump in a bathroom or updated broom closet with a chair, but that doesn’t make pumping too much easier. It’s a difficult process that lots of co-workers simply do not understand. But for working mothers, its often to the only option.

It’s interesting to hear Kerr mention pumping at all. While most celebrities are quick to bounce back to their former size, they often have enough money to take plenty of time off after a little one is born. So going back to work, and therefore pumping, isn’t really an issue. While the model is quick to say that her son is her priority, she’s still taking “selective” jobs. Ya know what I say? Good for her! She’s keeping her career on track, taking care of her children and being honest about the difficulties of it all. While lots of celebrities make statements that induce eye-rolling and guffawed disbelief (think of another less sensitive and realistic supermodel, cough cough Gisele), Kerr seems down-to-earth and honest. This is one pretty face that I would love to hear more from in the future!
(Photo: Celebuzz)