Miranda Kerr Says She Loves Her Post-Baby Curves — What Curves?

Model Miranda Kerr, who recently did her obligatory nude photo shoot since having her baby Flynn, has made other declarations about her body since childbirth. The 28 year old appears on the cover a Cleo, an Australian magazine, in a swimsuit talking about how “curvacious” she is since having her little boy. Perhaps compared to the fresh-faced 15 year olds that she shares the runway with, but “curvacious” doesn’t exactly come to mind when I think of Miranda Kerr.

Miranda told Cleo that she loves the extra weight she’s put on since Flynn came into the world:

“I’m a little more curvacious now, which I really love. I think it’s great to embrace these curves and work with them.”

As much I respect Miranda’s sound byte about enjoying her new form, and encouraging other women to follow suit, her comments further distort the media’s perception of pregnant and post-pregnant women. I don’t dispute that the model’s form may have changed since carrying her son, but the insistence that she now has “curves” while appearing the standard size of all models on a magazine cover — in a bathing suit — misrepresents the notion of what curvy even is.

Miranda is working model à la Victoria’s Secret. Her ability to even continue such a career post-childbirth, and in an industry with notorious standards about weight, is testament to how not curvy she is.

Gym, trainers, good genes, strict diet — however Miranda has retained her figure is of no interest to me. But working swim suit magazine covers when you’re back to your fighting model weight, and then claiming that as “curvacious” does a disservice to women of all body types.

(photo: dailymail.co.uk)

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