Miranda Kerr Catapults To Stellar MILF Status With 3D Reebok Ad

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miranda kerrMiranda Kerr‘s career seems to have reached new heights ever since she welcomed baby boy Flynn into the world. Pregnancy for a lot of women usually means taking some kind of professional hit. But if you’re a Victoria’s Secret model, you’re all of a sudden being interviewed about breastfeeding, gabbing about your post-baby curves, and lining up that obligatory nude post-baby photo. Being a super model pre-labor, Miranda has clearly already been sanctioned as lust-worthy. But ever since becoming a mother, that sex appeal seems to have been kicked into high gear, as evidenced by the mother of one’s latest business venture.

Behold Miranda Kerr in all her sexy mommy glory on this Reebok Easytone advertisement! Pick up your 3D glasses and wander by the Bayerisch Hof Hotel in Munich for prime viewing. Although I doubt many fans will even be glancing at the shoes, Rebok has nevertheless branded a three-dimensional fantasy. And with an advertisement that big, the mother’s gargantuan sex appeal has officially been cranked to an 11 volume.