Miranda Kerr Does Obligatory Post-Baby Nude Photoshoot

Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr is on the cover of Australia’s Harper’s Bizarre speaking highly of motherhood since giving birth to son Flynn. She admits to still breastfeeding the 10 month old and refers to him as her “bundle of love” in the issue. But aside from speaking about her personal transformation since becoming a mother, Miranda also takes part in the new obligation of mommies in the public eye: stripping down so that she can assure everyone that she is still desirable since getting knocked up.

Miranda tells the publication that “you become more comfortable in your own skin” with motherhood, a sentiment she no doubt advocates with this gorgeous photograph. While Miranda is obviously captured tastefully, going nude or scantily-clad post-birth is becoming a bar to clear for famous mommies pressured to be conventionally sexy sooner despite “being a mom.”

With even the nursing bra industry finding mothers unattractive, photoshoots like Miranda’s have more to do with confirming a mommy’s hotness to audiences than her being “comfortable in [her] own skin.”

(photo: dailymail.co.uk)

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