Miranda Kerr Credits Breastfeeding For Her Big Boobs

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Victoria Secret supermodel Miranda Kerr has been wallowing in all kinds of press since giving birth to her son, Flynn — but mostly just in regards to her body.

In what can only be described as the obligatory post-baby photoshoot, she stripped down for Harper’s Bizarre to clear the new bar for celebrity women that is going nude post-baby. And just so you don’t become too envious of her form, she also made sure to add that she in fact curvier since having a baby. But in case you have other inquiries regarding Miranda’s post-baby body, the model wants you to know that her bigger boobs come courtesy of breastfeeding.

When being fitted for her Victoria Secret Fashion Show getup, pictured here, she said that she’s been breastfeeding nonstop:

“It’s milking time,” she joked to The Post. “I’m still breast-feeding. I’m pumping, and it’s going well.”

As admirable as Miranda’s dedication to breastfeeding is, I find the speculation over this particular woman’s body since giving birth to be nothing short of pandemic. Granted, she does making a living off her figure, but it seems that since little Flynn came into the world, the curiosity is squarely on her figure — and nothing more.

This upcoming Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show will be Miranda’s first runway walk since her  son’s birth in January and breastfeeding aside, she told the paper:

“I’ve waxed, shaved, done laser. I’m prepped at this point.”

At this point, I’d really like Miranda to be asked about something other than her body as contemporary motherhood obviously isn’t all about proving that you’ve never had a baby (or is it?) Surely the model has some talking points on other canned celebrity motherhood topics, like work-life balance or how Orlando Flynn co-parents with her.