Miranda Kerr Plans To Give Us More Model Spawn Someday

Miranda Kerr babyMother of one Miranda Kerr is getting hit with the tired questions that often plague parents of one child. Have one, watch them get to be around two years old, and suddenly everyone and your mom wants to know, “when are you having another one?” Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr is apparently no exception. People are ragging on the 29-year-old to produce more offspring, like now.

Orlanda Bloom‘s wife says that since having son Flynn Bloom, she “loves motherhood.” But another baby is still on the “someday” list — as in “not right now,” she clarifies. Besides, looks like she keeps plenty busy with Flynn’s current daily agenda:

”We have the schedule planned out for him,” Kerr says. ”We make sure he’s doing his play dates, he’s doing enough reading time, he’s doing enough drawing and painting, arts and crafts and also a lot of fun time…We like to dance,” she says. ”You know, turn the music up, dancing around the kitchen. It’s one of our favorite pastimes.”

And there will reportedly be no texting or business calls during said kitchen dance offs. Kerr says that when she’s with the Flynn, phones are off because “the bonding one-on-one time” is important to her. That and having more kids on her own time, that is.

(photo: s_bukley / Shutterstock)

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