Four Year-Old Becomes Minnesota Mayor And I Think More Kids Should Be Politicians

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child-politicianAfter a rigorous campaign involving buttons and posters around town, four year-old Bobby Tufts became the mayor of Dorset, Minnesota. No, for real. How did this come about? Well, according to, in this tiny town of 26 residents:

Candidates pay the $1 ballot fee to literally throw their names in a hat during the yearly mayoral election at the festival. (The position is symbolic, because the town actually is run by a group of five local business owners.)

But still, he gets the title, and he gets free ice cream, and he’s a celebrity! I get that this is just symbolic and this town is smaller than the average high school classroom. But wouldn’t it be awesome if we had some kind of political position for kids in the Federal government? I mean, look, here are some personality traits of four year-olds that, in my opinion, qualify them for political leadership on a grand scale:

1.) An obsession with fairness. Hell hath no fury like a young child arguing in favor of what is right. All kids are different, but I’m pretty sure at some point ALL of them break out that classic phrase, “but it’s not FAAAAAIRRRR…”

2.) Empathy, especially for those who can’t speak up for themselves. I would much sooner trust a four year-old, who tends to an injured bird, than a grown man who starts wars.

3.) A preschool education. Okay, yes, I’m being facetious, but also maybe not.

4.) A strong stage presence. Who wouldn’t rather listen to a State of The Union address by a four year-old than an old exhausted stressed-out wrinkly guy?

So now we’ve got to offer up a few candidates for this imaginary position. Obviously this Minnesota Mayor Bobby Tufts is on the right career track already. I’d also support dynamic British duo Sophia Grace and Rosie, and probably any of the Jolie-Pitt offspring. And of course my own daughter, when she’s old enough. I could be the political equivalent of a Dance Mom! Ooh, where do I sign?

(photo: Sergii Figurnyi / Shutterstock)