Troubled Country Singer And Mom Of Two, Mindy McCready, Found Dead Of Apparent Suicide

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Mindy McCreadyHer country music career peaked in the mid-1990’s with a record called Ten Thousand Angels. In the fifteen years since, Mindy McCready was more famous for her personal problems than her music. Now, the 37-year-old mom of two has been found dead on the front porch of her Arkansas home from a single gunshot wound, suspected to be self-inflicted.

In the past few years, McCready has gained plenty of headlines for her legal issues and substance abuse. Last year, she was accused of abducting her 6-year-old son from her mother, who had custody of the boy. She made an appearance on Dr. Drew‘s Celebrity Rehab to deal with drug and alcohol addiction.

McCready’s second son is a mere nine months old. The infant last his father, McCready’s boyfriend David Wilson, in January. The baby was thankfully not in the singer’s custody when she died.

The death, which comes after a tumultuous and public life, is so heart-wrenching. This mother was just 37, with so many years ahead of her. Years during which she could’ve cleaned up her life, possibly built relationships with her young sons, even if she didn’t have primary custody of them. But in the end, she was alone, with her boyfriend gone and her children living her mother. Instead of fighting, she most likely decided to end her struggle.

Everyone’s hearts have to be with her two young children. Two little boys who will grow up without a mother. Little boys who will have albums and pictures and news-clippings, instead of the real life presence they deserved.

Mindy McCready had not been a music powerhouse for some time. That being said, I can still remember the lyrics to a few of her songs. I can remember belting them out in my bedroom with my big sister. This woman had talent. But she will be most well-known for the troubled and sad life she led. She’ll be remembered as the musician who took her own life on the front porch steps.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the family and friends she left behind. We hope her children have a strong and loving support network to get them through this difficult loss.