10 Reasons All Military Parents Are Super Heroes

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6. They Deal With Missed Birthdays And Holidays Like Champs


Just like a military parent might miss the birth of their child, they are also likely to miss any number of holidays and birthdays. They say it’s all part of the job. I say it’s all part of why these families are made of Awesome.

7. They Are Raising Brag-Worthy Kids


All the military kids I’ve ever met have been SUCH great kids. Resilient, humble and well-adjusted even if they are changing schools every few years. That takes some fantastic parenting.

8. They Are So Freaking Brave


While I am a total wuss about stomping out a spider, military parents are so brave in the face of the uncertain. I could definitely stand to take some lessons.

9. They Make New “Mom Friends” Easily

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In a time where so many of us struggle to make mom friends, military parents are incredible at banding together and helping each other out. Often, they are all out-of-towners and they are amazing at reaching out and supporting fellow military families.

10. They Do Reunions Better Than Anyone


Watching military reunion videos is basically the most wonderful “reality TV” you could ever watch.

Thank you, military families- for all that you do. I would throw a parade for each and every one of our returning service men and women if I could- goodness knows they deserve it.

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