10 Reasons All Military Parents Are Super Heroes

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We here at Mommyish have a special place in our hearts for the military parents out there. We write daily about the little (and big) annoyances of parenting and I can only imagine how those struggles are magnified when your partner is deployed or about to be. However, in my experience, they rarely let anyone know of their fears. Like the brave and selfless person they are married to, they often carry on without complaint. They silently shoulder a burden and worry that most of us don’t have to so we all have the privilege of sleeping easy at night. On this Veteran’s Day, I am proud to honor those who fight for our country and the wonderful partners by their side. Here are 10 reasons all military parents are super heroes:

1. They Clean Up All The Puke

cleaning puke

When a parent is deployed, the other parent is often all alone bearing the brunt of parenting duties. I bow down to them.

2. They Have No One To Curse Out While They Give Birth


When a mom with a deployed partner gives birth, who is she supposed to grind her nails into and tell to f*ck off? These women are heroes to me.

3. They Are Often Worried But Still Fierce

beyonce fierce

I worry that my husband has died in a car accident when he is 20 minutes late getting home from work. Military parents can go days or even weeks without hearing from their deployed partner not knowing whether or not they are safe. They are amazing for dealing with that.

4. They Move A Lot And Have To Start All Over


Some military families move as frequently as every one or two years. This must be very difficult for the spouse to get settled in and started with a new school district, church and new neighbors.

5. They Never Whine Even Though They Deserve To

bitch please

At least the ones I have met don’t. Whereas, I whine when I run out of K-Cups. Military parents, feel free to roll your eyes and mock me.

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