Miley Cyrus’s Tattoo: There Are Other Ways Young People Can Support Same-Sex Marriage

Miley Cyrus has taken to Twitter lately to remind fans that she is in support of same-sex marriage and in case you weren’t sold on the young performer’s dedication to equal rights, she tweeted a photo of her newest tattoo: an equals sign on her ring finger. While Miley’s passion for marriage equality is admirable, especially for young people, please remind your kids that tattoos aren’t necessary when advocating for a cause.

Studies have shown that female performers are influencing young girls from everything from dress to dance moves, and Miley’s dedication to marriage equality manifesting as a tattoo is just one of many decisions that she has made public.

Regardless of where you stand on tattoos, children should be reminded that their passion and interest in causes doesn’t need to take the form of a symbol on their body to be considered valid or true. Celebrities seem to be more tattoo-prone these days, as every time a young starlet takes up a new hobby or experience, it usually takes the form of ink on her skin.

Adolescents should be presented with other opportunities to convey their allegiances to human interest causes that perhaps don’t echo what their parents may have done as young people. Petitions, writing letters to senators, and grassroots campaigns are all still accessible options, but with Twitter protests and Facebook group organization, young people now have much more at their disposable to initiate change than ever before. Such accessibility to the public and to other like-minded supporters can do more for their cause than a tattoo can.



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