Miley Cyrus Is 19 And Engaged – What Does Billy Ray Say?

UPDATE: Check out Billy Ray’s reaction here!

It’s official. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are that couple you knew in high school. You know, the ones who started dating sophomore year and were seriously in love. They got engaged shortly after graduation and never had another real relationship. Some of those couples end up like my parents – married over 25 years and still just in love as the day they met. Others, well we know what happens there.

With their May 31st engagement, Miley and Liam just became that couple. And honestly, I hope they find the former. I hope they end up like my parents, taking romantic vacations for the two of them every year and genuinely enjoying each other’s company.

But I think we all have to admit that relationships these days are a little different than they were when my parents were dating in high school. Most couples are waiting longer, and experiencing more on their own, before they decide to settle down with a partner for the rest of their lives. Those graduation engagements are getting few and far between.

Is it different for child celebrities who have already matured in many ways by working in the entertainment industry? At 19, Miley already owns property and has her own career. She’s met a lot of the big milestones that her peers are still just dreaming of. Her 22-year-old fiance, Liam Hemsworth, hasn’t had quite the experience that his bride-to-be has, but he’s still established.

When I first read the news, I tried to imagine my own reaction if my daughter told me that she was getting married at 19. Sure, she’s a legal adult now, but no one ever starts thinking of their child as an adult until their over the age of 30, right? Even then, it’s touch and go. What must Billy Ray be thinking about his babygirl getting ready to walk down the aisle? Personally, I would be having one of those obnoxious, sit-down, “You have all the time in the world” talks that never, ever work or persuade anyone. And then I would be thrilled for my daughter and start giving my unsolicited advice on absolutely every wedding detail.

I realize that Hollywood marriages are pretty much a punchline at this point, but this little girl is still someone’s daughter. And she’s following in the path of plenty of young actresses who felt very grown-up at a young age and chose to make a serious commitment that didn’t end the way they planned.

Plenty of people will be brushing off and deriding Cyrus and Hemsworth today. They’ll all say that the youngins just want to play grown-up. But I have to admit that there’s a part of me that really hopes these two make it work and laugh at everyone 25 years from now. Maybe I’m just a sucker for a love story. Maybe I just wish that kids had better role models when it comes to committed relationships.

No matter what else is said about Miley’s engagement, this much is true: We all feel a little bit older today, don’t we?

What do you think about Miley’s engagement? What would you say if it were your child getting married at 19?

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