(UPDATE): Miley Cyrus Sorta Kinda Implies That She Will Air Her Father’s Dirty Laundry If He Doesn’t Text Her Back

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Don’t you hate it when your super rich, world-renowned and infamously be-mulleted father doesn’t answer your tweets? No, you don’t know what that’s like? Neither do I, but I still feel kinda bad for poor Miley Cyrus.

The singer sent out an ominously threatening tweet to her dad Billy Ray Cyrus after having some problems getting in touch with him, Monday evening. According to the tweet:

Miley Tweet

Attached was a photo of an attractive woman with the star. The two seemed friendly and were both smiling.

A mere four minutes later, the photo and tweet were mysteriously taken down. Totally shocking, amirite? Of course there was the obligatory “blame it on being hacked” tweet, which said “WTF? My twitter was just actin all types of cray!”

I don’t know who the genius is that keeps advising everyone in Hollywood to use this tired old excuse time and time again. Yes, Miley, I TOTES believe that some random internet ninja hacked into your Twitter account just to send your dad (and his silly hairdo) a somewhat menacing tweet about some pretty redhead. TOTALLY.

This isn’t the first time that the blonde, faux-hawk wearing crooner has berated her good old dad on the interwebs. The day after her mom Tish filed for divorce, Miley tweeted “Since your texts and email obviously aren’t working would you like to talk like this?” Uh Oh, sounds like trouble in Disney paradise!

Of course, taking down the aforementioned tweets and photo has done exactly ziltch to stop the rumor mill from running 24/7. Who is this random woman? A secret lover? Miley’s long lost sister? The gypsy who put a curse on Billy Ray’s mullet? We may never know.

UPDATE: The mystery redhead in the photo Miley posted is confirmed to be Dylis Croman, his co-star from his 2012 run in the Broadway show Chicago. There is still no word on what his relationship is with Croman now or what Miley’s tweet meant.

(Photo: s_bukley / Shutterstock)