FDA Says That Your Migraine Meds Are Making Your Unborn Children Stupid

migraineThe list of things that pregnant women can and cannot do seems to keep getting longer and longer. In addition to keeping your prenatal mits off sushi, tea, and some cheese, you might also want to take a quick gander at your migraine medication.

NBC news reports that the FDA has officially told doctors, and now “women of child-bearing age,” that a handful of migraine medications “can decrease children’s intelligence if taken while their mothers are pregnant.” Depakote and Depacon are officially not to be taken by pregnant ladies — unless it is a “last resort.” While the aforementioned drugs already carry an explicit risk of birth defects, now you pregnant ladies have other stuff to panic about:

But the FDA said it is adding new warnings to the drugs’ labeling after a study showed they decreased IQ scores in children whose mothers took them while pregnant.

That’s right. Your baby isn’t born yet and you’re already parsing out IQ points. Older moms, was it or was it not Depakote and Depacon that could perhaps account for why your little one is only slowly catching on to Mandarin? You and your seeding mom guilt may never ever know.

(photo: Vucicevic Milos / Shutterstock)

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