Midwife Delivers Baby With Hair in Foils Because He Demanded to Be Born During Her Hair Appointment

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(Facebook/Frontier Nursing University)

Babies do not care about scheduling. If you are in a hurry, they will lose their shoes. If you mean to take it easy, they will want to rush. This continues until they’re 18 at least, but it begins from infancy. One dedicated midwife is proof of that this week, because she stopped to get her highlights done one day, and wound up having to catch a baby with her hair in foils.

Kentucky midwife Carrie Hall told The Stir that she was on-call that day, but things were going slow so she figured she’d take a risk and make a hair appointment to get her highlights done. She called to check in because she had a patient going into labor, but the labor was progressing slowly and she thought she had a few hours at least, so she went ahead and got in the chair. Just after her hairdresser had put the foils in, however, she got a call from the hospital: The baby was ready to come out.

Hall was only a five-minute drive from the hospital, so she just jumped out of the chair–foils and all–and went to the hospital. Foils are only supposed to be on for a short period of time, so I hope her hair is OK! She took a risk with it, because if the delivery had gone on for hours and hours more, her hair could have suffered a ton of damage. But when a baby’s coming, a baby’s coming. You can’t tell it to stay in there.

It sounds like the hair should be fine, though because Hall rushed to the hospital just in time for the birth, and the baby was born 20 minutes after she got there.  They had time to take a picture before she hopped back in the car and went back to finish getting her hair done.

Hall says that mother, baby, and hair were all fabulous in the end, and this will definitely be a story that baby’s parents tell forever.