Middle School Students Instructed How To Shake Babies Until They Die Are Pretty Upset About It

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Middle School Students Shaken Baby ClassShaken Baby Syndrome is a horrible, disgusting crime and should never be taken lightly. But do you know what SHOULD be taken lightly? Middle school students losing their shit over taking a class at Churchville-Chili Middle School in the suburbs of Rochester, N.Y called Family and Consumer Sciences, and getting all in a tizzy because they were allowed to demonstrate how to shake a baby to death. The simulation was done with these  specially created dolls from a place called Reality Works which will probably be our collective favorite website ever. The dolls used in the simulation are pretty much the best:

    • Cries inconsolably, just like real infants sometimes do.
    • When shaken, accelerometers inside the head measure the force on the brain.
    • Cries stop abruptly for all the wrong reasons.
    • Corresponding LED lights immediately show damage to specific areas of the brain in real time.

That’s right, these baby dollys have DISCO SKULLS that light up when you shake them:









According to The Daily Caller, some students weren’t too happy about taking part in the simulation:

Then, according to the 12-year-old boy, the teacher informed the students that it was time for them to demonstrate their own prowess. She told them to shake the doll good and hard – and continuously – until several parts of its doll brain had lit up to show that they were all sufficiently injured.

As the shaking occurred, the doll emitted screams. Once all its brain parts had lit up, the doll went quiet — presumably to imitate death.

“Just don’t go crazy,” the teacher allegedly warned. “The doll is heavy.”

The parent said her son refused to shake the baby, which left the teacher surprised.

Some other students also refused to shake the doll.

Half a dozen students did shake the doll to death, though, with various degrees of cruelty.

So let’s get this straight: A teacher instructed the kids to shake the doll as part of the assignment and not only did some students refuse to HARM THE DOLL but some of the other students are being judged for being a little bit too excited about harming the doll. I’m a 44-year-old mom, I have kids, I love kids, I love babies and basically now ALL I WANT TO DO is shake these dolls.

Students in the class responded in different ways. Some were sickened and averted their eyes. Others were highly amused. The parent alleged that one kid yelled “YES” as the shaking activity was happening.

The doll costs $879 dollars so I doubt I will get to actually purchase one, but I totally want one. It’s absurd to me that kids and parents were upset about this class because all too often we have heard horror stories about infants being shaken to death and I think it’s good for students to understand how dangerous it is to shake a baby. Reality Works also sells a drug addicted baby and a fetal alcohol syndrome baby, but those dollys don’t light up at all. I guess the lesson is this: don’t ever ever ever shake a baby. But always and forever shake a doll with a skull that lights up if it is part of a class demonstration you are participating in.

(Image: Reality Works)