13 Hilarious Memes That Only a Middle Child Will Understand

Middle child syndrome is real, y’all and sometimes nothing can say it better than a middle child meme. We start out in life as the youngest, the baby, the one who can do no wrong. While we never quite reach the Crown Jewel status typically reserved for the firstborn, we have the privilege of getting away with whatever we want and being coddled and fretted over. And then for some reason, mom and dad decide to have another kid, and BAM! Life as we know it is never the same. If you’re a middle child, you’re probably used to being overlooked, blamed for everything, and generally ignored in favor of your older and younger siblings.

So what’s a middle child to do?! Is it any wonder we resort to shenanigans to secure our rightful place within our family?

Life in the middle can be rough, and we’re sure that middle children everywhere will connect to these hilarious middle child memes about how it feels to be the messy filling in a perfect sibling sandwich.

1. Gee, thanks mom.

middle child deleted
Image: ParentsShouldntText.com

New number, who dis?

2. Self-expression, or cry for attention?

middle child soap
Image: Whiskeyriversoap.com

Gonna wash that middle kid right outta my hair!

3. Maybe if you were cuter?

dog loved more than middle child
Image: Bustle

Cute puppies>middle children.

4. Happy National Middle Child Day or something.

middle child holiday
Image: Bustle

In a definitive ranking, National Middle Child Day is somewhere on the list with National Colonoscopy Day and daylight savings.

5. I don’t hear anything, do you?

no one listens to us
Image: Bustle

We have good ideas! Sometimes!

6. Everything is our fault.

always to blame
Image: Memecrunch

Middle children are almost always the fastest for good reason.

7. Group photo!

middle kitten blocked out
Image: Bustle

“Hey guys, can we take another one? You can’t even see me in this one.” “Um, no, this one is perfect.”

8. Mom and Dad don’t have favorites.

you love us the same, right?
Image: Bustle

They just “forget” their middle child … a lot.

9. You don’t have a “spot”.

you don't have a spot
Image: The Odyssey Online

What’s theirs is theirs, and what’s yours is also theirs.

10. Nobody knows the trouble we’ve seen.

it's so hard
Image: Bustle

No one understands us and our struggles.

11. Oldest goes first, youngest goes second.

always last
Image: Bustle

So do we just not get a turn?

12. Look at this amazing thing I just did!

that's nice but
Image: Wimp.com

Someone likely did it first and better.

13. You’re going to be a big brother!

that moment you realize
Image: Pinterest/Funny And

Yay! Oh shit, wait a minute.

So tell us, did we hit the middle child nail on the head? Which of these describes your life in the middle? Tell us in the comments!

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