Michelle Obama And Will Ferrell Host The Most Hilarious Focus Group Of Kids For ‘Let’s Move’


The First Lady, Michelle Obama, and Will Ferrell have teamed up for a seriously adorable video celebrating the 4th anniversary of her Let’s Move campaign. Cute kids saying funny things for the win, y’all. FOR THE WIN.

I love Michelle Obama and I think the Let’s Move campaign is a pretty awesome thing. It’s a smart campaign that seems to be tapped into what’s actually going on with health and fitness in the lives of Americans, including social media like Pinterest. And this video is inherently shareable, because oh god, just watch it:

So cute, right? I love how Michelle doesn’t talk to the kids in that annoying, sing-songy patronizing way so many adults interact with children. I love Will’s poker face when he says ridiculous things. And I love, most of all, the group singalong to “Body Movin’.”

It’s an adorable video, but I wonder exactly what the point of it is? It makes adults smile, sure, but does it really do anything to further the cause of Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign? It’s definitely not teaching kids anything about healthy eating and exercising, that’s for sure. I guess that’s not a terrible thing, but I feel like this cute little segment could have been right at home on like, a late night TV show rather than it’s own adorable video. But hey, maybe just raising awareness of the Let’s Move program is enough.

Photo: Let’s Move

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