Did Jim Bob and Michelle Shun Jinger During Their Texas Trip?

People like to hate on the Duggars for a lot of stuff (myself included). And much of it is deserved! Like when Jill went full stand-by-your-man after Derick attacked a young woman on Twitter. Or when Jessa Duggar suggested that people with anxiety should just pray it away. And let’s not forget the entire family coming to the defense of Josh Duggar after it was revealed that he molested several of his own sisters. But sometimes, fans and haters can be a little overzealous in their critiques of the problematic family. Take Ma and Pa Duggar’s recent trip to Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas. The couple took a picture in front of the famous silos and posted it on Instagram. It wasn’t long before the WHERE’S JINGER DUGGAR contingent chimed in.

The Duggar parents’ visit to Waco, and no mention or pictures of Jinger Duggar, had some people wondering if Jinger was being shunned by her parents.


Magnolia Market is a popular destination in Waco, and for the Duggar family, apparently. Jinger and Jeremy have made the trek before and posted photos. So if Jim Bob and Michelle are in Texas, it makes sense they’d make a special stop, too! I doubt they went all the way to Waco JUST for a cupcake, but people had concerns.

jinger duggar
Image: Instagram/@duggarfam

The thing is, if you’re not familiar with Texas, you may not realize how far away Waco is from Laredo, where Jinger Duggar lives. It’s FIVE HOURS AWAY.

Pregnant Jinger likely isn’t going to make the drive to meet her parents at Magnolia Market, especially since they were there recently. The more probable scenario is that Ma and Pa Duggar are in Texas to see Jinger and Jeremy, and made a stop in Waco. There’s nothing wrong with that, folks. Nothing at all. And one fan says that’s pretty much the case here.

jinger duggar
Image: Instagram/@duggarfam

See? Makes perfect sense. And I’m sure Jinger appreciated her family coming to her, and not having to sit in a car for five hours. She’s at the swollen feet stage of pregnancy, let that girl stay home.

(Image: Instagram / @duggarfam)

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