Michael Jackson’s 13-Year-Old Daughter Asked To Represent Lingerie Football

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Michael Jackson‘s second child and only daughter, Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson, became the first female student in her high school’s history to make the flag football team. The 13-year-old girl broke records as the first girl ever to attend her LA private school to play. But such an accomplishment by young Paris caught the eye of the Lingerie Football League, and they asked the teenager to be a spokesperson for their “youth program.”

TMZ reports that the LFL sent a letter to Michael Jackson’s estate asking that the 13 year old put her competitive spirit to good use and join the organization in acknowledging the “lack of options for competitive female football.” The LFL invites Paris to “introduce the game of football to young ladies at an earlier stage in life” — in bras and panties? The LFL also encourages Paris to “start training for a future football career in the LFL” after she hits 18 years old.

Way to demean a young girl’s accomplishments by asking her to not only represent an organization that asks women to strip down before playing competitively, but to eventually join in herself. And since when does the LFL have a youth program?

No word yet on how MJ’s daughter has responded to the offer.