This Mom’s Ode to the Pile of Trash in the Car Is Going Viral Because Everyone Can Relate

What does the floor of your car look like right now? Honestly, I have no idea what mine looks like, because I haven’t seen it in about six months, at least. There are people who keep their cars pristine. I don’t know how they do it. Do they travel without emergency snacks, shoes, diapers, spare toys, and all the other random junk that eventually accumulates into floor garbage? Because I think I’d rather deal with packages of Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies on the floor than have to risk a hangry toddler. A lot of parents are the same. That’s why a “shout out to the hot mess school moms” Facebook post is going viral. Her car is filthy, and everyone can relate.

Mom Nikki Pennington did the unthinkable: She posted a photo of the pile of trash in her car to Facebook.

That’s brave. I’d sooner put nude photos on the internet than a photo of the inside of my car. To be fair, my car is a lot messier than hers is. If there were a weird smell in her car, I think I’d actually be able to find it.

“I’d like to give a shout out to all my fellow hot mess school moms,” she wrote. “The ones that let their child out at the drop off line and yesterday mornings breakfast wrapper rolls out with them. The moms that haven’t been able to find the floor board of their vehicles since August 1st of last year. The moms that just found that homework assignment they were supposed to sign on August 1st as they were cleaning out their cars on the last day today. The moms that tell the teachers the endless pile of soda cans from the entire year are only there because they are teaching their kids about recycling”

Pennington’s shout-out to the hot mess car moms was well received.

Everyone has a filthy car.

In fact, a lot of the comments on Pennington’s post were about how Pennington’s car isn’t actually that messy.

Oh my god, a mouse!? I need to go clean my car …

Sure, some people can keep pristine cars. But not most of us. I sure as heck can’t. Hell, look at this: At some point in the distant past, my husband dropped an orange in our car. Look what it looked like when I found it this weekend!

At first I thought it was a tiny bundt cake, but it was actually a desiccated, shrunken orange. It’s actually kind of cool. I wish I had an older kid, because this would be a great science fair exhibit.

That’s it! That will be my next excuse. Next time someone complains about my messy car–even though only my parents complain about my messy car–I will say that my car is not messy, I am encouraging my child’s interest in science. Someday she will win the national science fair with a report on “What Is that Weird Smell in My Mom’s Car?” and it will all have been worth it.

Is your car a mess, too? Let us know in the comments.

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(Image: Facebook / Nikki Pennington)

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