The Mermaid School Opening In Brooklyn Will Make You Envy Little Kids More Than You Thought Possible

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mermaid-school-photoKids today have a lot of cool stuff that I never had growing up, but no X-Box or personal volleyball team made up of American Girl dolls could possibly compete with mermaid school, because mermaid school is a thing that exists now and I suddenly feel my childhood was incomplete because I never went to mermaid school. I mean, honestly, if given the choice between mermaid school and Hogwarts, I think you’d have to at least think about the decision.

According to DNAinfo, the new Mermaid Swim School is opening this summer in Brooklyn.

The school runs from April 6-10 for kids ages 8 to 12 and provides the students with neoprene mermaid tails that come in colors like “liquid sun,” “sparkle pink” and “fire coral red.”

Boys and girls are both allowed to register for mermaid school, and director Elena Nannoshi says learning to swim in the tail allows kids to learn to use their entire body under the water. That sounds great, but really, this is about living out all our Under The Sea fantasies.

The school is taught by Estonian swim champion and model Merle Liivand, who instructs kids in special moves like “mermaid surfacing,” in which you leap from the water and flip your whole tail in the air before resubmerging.

They have to teach the Ariel hair-flip too, right?



Classes cost $290, and you get a $95 discount if you supply your own mermaid tail, which is pretty far down on the list of awesome things about owning one’s own mermaid tail. There is also a professional photoshoot involved on land and under water, because obviously one cannot go to Mermaid School without having a photo taken.

The class is run by World of Swimming, which is based in Michigan and is actually sending the Mermaid Swim School out on tour this summer to places in Michigan and Florida.

$290 is a lot of money, but there is definitely a little animal voice in the back of my brain shouting, “Shut up and take my money!” Because it is mermaid school, and apparently part of me will always be that 10-year-old who sang “Part of your World” off-key and sprained her neck practicing hair flips in the pool for three months straight.