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Manbabies Create #LikeABoy To Whine About #LikeAGirl Super Bowl Ad

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If you were watching the Super Bowl last night, you may have noticed that one minute out of the four-hour manstravaganza was devoted to an Always commercial. The commercial, although it was designed to flog sanitary pads, still touched my crusty mean old heart with its attempt to fight the negativity associated with fighting, throwing, and running ‘like a girl’.

But if you thought the self-titled ‘meninist’ movement was content to let young women have the spotlight for 0.4% of the evening, think again. As soon as the commercial ended, whiny diaper-babies who like to think that they are men started trending the hashtag #LikeABoy. Here are the 12 most pathetic responses they came up with.

1. Popping a random boner is pretty much just as bad as systematic inequality

likeaboy tweet 16And when Always develops a line of anti-random-boner products, I’m sure we’ll see a commercial about that during the Super Bowl, too.

2. Dream big, Dalton

likeaboy tweet 13Yes, maybe someday men won’t have to suffer with the terrible injustice of making up 95% of the highest-paid film stars, 100% of the Presidents of the United States, and 100% of players in the Super Bowl. On that far-off and shining day, maybe guys like Dalton will also finally be free of critique from mean old feminists when they open their mouths to complain about how unfair their lives are.

3. Some people have a penis #likeagirl and some have a vagina #likeaboy

likeaboy tweet 1I’m not the Arbiter Of All Feminism or anything, but I for one will say that since some men have vaginas and some women have penises, feminism does not require anyone to hate their current between-the-legs adornment. If you have opinions like this guy, though, it’s fine with me if you experience some self-loathing.

4. Why are women insulted when I insult them?!

likeaboy tweet 15 Probably somewhere around the time “like a girl” was used to describe anything a girl did badly and “like a boy” for anything she did well.


likeaboy tweet 14 likeaboy tweet 12

All I can see when I read the Tweets like this is Kris Straub’s comic on the subject.

6. ‘Not a men’

likeaboy tweet 11

It’s such a relief being a woman, where we never ever have to worry about experiencing oppressive expectations for our appearance or work/life goals.

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