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If You’re Participating In #MenimistTwitter, You’re Probably An A**hole

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I’ve had this conversation with many men who are really decent human beings; men who care about women. Men who care about equality. Men who seemingly want to fight the good fight. Feminists aren’t humorless — but excuse us for not finding jokes about inequality funny. Women are still paid 78 cents to ever man’s dollar. They are still dying at the hands of their partners in disturbing numbers and experiencing violent sexual crimes at a rate that our country should be ashamed of. Making a joke out of feminism is making a joke out of the very real problems we face. I’m not laughing at that, because it’s not fucking funny.

Presenting #MeninistTwitter. Full of misogynists, but also peppered with guys who would never identify themselves as enemies to women — men who are “just joking around.” This is what happens when we collectively decide that making fun of equality is a good thing. Benign jokes open the door to this type of thing:

1. Here’s some violent imagery about physically assaulting women, disguised as a PSA.


2. Here’s this guy.


3. Here’s someone comparing breastfeeding to public sex acts.


4. Here’s this bullshit.


5. Blake is concerned that too many women “cry rape.”



Want to be associated with these bottom-feeders? Keep talking about how “harmless” things like this are.

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