Anti-Choice Video Has Men Apologize For The Abortions That They Had…Yes, You Read That Right

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Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 12.45.08 PMWell, this is new.

An anti-choice production company called Heroic Media has created a video called “The Apology,” in which a few Christian men express regret over “their” abortions and apologize to the women they allowed to have abortions. I know, it’s stunning. And not in the “Wow, look at that stunning sunset” kind of way.

Let’s take these two aspects of the video separately. In the video, each man says, “I had an abortion.” Now, clearly that is not the case. Men don’t have abortions — men have partners who have abortions. Having an abortion refers to the medical procedure, and unless everything I know about conception is a lie and a doctor spread these men open and removed a fetus from their urethras, it did not happen to them.

Then there is the issue of these men apologizing to women and the aborted fetuses for letting them have abortions. The don’t apologize  to the actual women, of course, because women are conspicuously absent from this video (you can watch it on Youtube here). This is how some of those apologies went, as quoted in Jezebel:

“We had a passive-aggressive stance,” says Daniel Phillips, another speaker, who says he’s “had” two abortions. “I was neither here nor there, so I never even fought for the opportunity to save the child.”

“I conceded to an abortion,” says Shane Idleman, the pastor of a church called Westside Christian Fellowship. “Even as a pastor, that decision still haunts me today. What would they look like? Would it be a boy? Would it be a girl? Their first step, saying ‘daddy.’ But those are just dreams, dreams that often haunt me.”

“I should have manned up and I should have fought for you,” Blandford says. “And I didn’t. I didn’t. I am so grateful that you are in Heaven with Jesus, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, and that you got to see him before I did. And I know you’re going to extend me grace, but I just—it would’ve been so cool to hang out with you here on earth.”

Yes. It would have been super cool to “hang” with them on the occasional weekends and overnights when you would see your child, who would be undoubtedly be raised by your ex.

I like to imagine the women these men are talking about showing up in the background, looking confused, and saying things like, “Uh. Thanks? I guess? I don’t know. I mean, you were on board at the time and I certainly still believe it was the right decision. So, you know, don’t feel bad for me. No regrets here. Um…I’m gonna go now.”

Women don’t need men to apologize for their abortions. This is another example of the anti-choice mindset that other people control women’s bodies. These men failed by allowing their women to get abortions, when what we need is for men to prevent all women from having abortions. And where do the women stand in all of this? They are the ones who get harassed at abortion clinics and told they are sluts who are going to hell.

Now it all makes sense. I didn’t realize how much control men have over my vagina and decisions related to it. Dang. I need to email these guys and ask them to pick up some tampons for me. After all, this whole area down here is their responsibility, right? So, hop to it. I need to get my rag on.

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