UPDATED AGAIN: After Harvey Weinstein, the List of Hollywood and Media Men Accused of Sexual Harassment Continues to Grow

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Garrison Keillor, former radio show host

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“Public radio always wondered what it was going to do when Garrison leaves,” said Eric Nuzum, the former vice president for programming at @npr. “It’s about to find out.” After more than 4 decades of hosting “A Prairie Home Companion” (@prairie_home) — the homespun Americana musical variety program, which he created and which, in turn, created him — Garrison Keillor is retiring. He has done this before, in 1987, though that retirement ended up being a sabbatical. But this time, the 73-year-old public radio legend said he means it. Garrison has named a successor and lined up meaty post-“Prairie” projects, including columns for @washingtonpost, a screenplay and a book. He will host his final official @prairie_home on July 1 at, of all places, the @hollywoodbowl. @ackermangruber took this portrait of #GarrisonKeillor in his home in St. Paul, Minnesota. Visit the link in our profile to read the full profile.

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The former host of “A Prairie Home Companion” was fired from Minnesota Public Radio on Wednesday morning, following allegations of inappropriate behavior. Keillor retired from hosting the popular show last year, but still produced “The Writer’s Almanac”.

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