Melissa McCarthy Gets Teary-Eyed With Her Mom On The Oscars Red Carpet

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For the second year in a row, the Academy Awards has decided to turn up the emotional wattage on the pre-awards show by highlighting a few choice nominee mothers. During a pre-taped segment on the Oscars Red Carpet, the “mominees” shared touching memories of times before their kids were famous. They talked about worrying how the young actors would make ends meet. The ladies all stated how proud they were of their offspring. It was a touching tribute. And no one was more moved than Best Supporting Actress Nominee Melissa McCarthy.

Directly after the segment, ABC’s red carpet correspondent Robin Roberts spoke with the actress and her mother about the amazing year McCarthy is having. During their talk, the actress was visibly teary-eyed and continued to keep her arms around her mother.

On what is obviously an emotional night for the funny lady, what with her first nomination and all, she defended her watery eyes saying, “We’re criers, okay?” Apparently, the actress brought both her parents, as well as her husband, to celebrate this special event.

While she was talking to Roberts, one quote from Melissa McCarthy stood out for me. In a world where young actors fear a downfall or drug problem after an Oscar, McCarthy thanked her parents for “supporting me for all the right reasons.”

You have to wonder if the sentiment wasn’t directed at the Dina Lohan‘s of the world, who press their children for their own piece of fame.

One thing is for sure, women everywhere are thrilled to see this truly inspiring lady getting recognized for her incredible work. And that was one very proud mother on the red carpet tonight. Melissa and her mom were a lot more exciting to watch than a parade of sparkly dresses and JLo‘s cleavage.