Melissa Etheridge Used To Kick It With Brad Pitt Before They Had Kids And Got Boring

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melissa etheridge 22nd Annual GLAAD Media AwardsYou’re not the only one who had cool friends you actually saw on a fairly regular basis in a pre-kids life. Once upon a time, Melissa Etheridge used to shoot the shit with Brad Pitt. Then they had kids. And then in her words “POOF.” Playdates did not happen, I guess.

Us Weekly reports that Melissa Etheridge didn’t at all intend for her comments on Angelina Jolie‘s mastectomy to come across as critical (she described the procedure as “‘the most fearful choice’ a woman could make,” according to the tabloid. Melissa says that she doesn’t even know Angelina Jolie). Hell, these days she doesn’t even know Brad Pitt:

The Grammy winner, who sang at Pitt’s 2000 wedding to [Jennifer Aniston], confessed that she and Pitt fell out of contact a long time ago. “I haven’t, um, spoken to him . . .  since he ‘married’ Angelina,” she said, chuckling. “But we were very close before that. I don’t know . . . I have reached out.

She added that she and Aniston have also lost touch. “I haven’t heard from her either.  We all kinda got our own families and went our own way,” she admitted. “It’s funny we all were together and then it all went POOF.”

I’m going to out on a limb here and say that “POOF” refers to endless “I need a cup of water,” “I can’t sleep,” “I had a bad dream,” late night diaper runs, rehashing your kid’s impressive neck strength, and the giddy delight at leaving the house alone to get a quart of milk. POOF, POOF, POOF.

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