Melinda Coleman Releases Statement Before Rally In Maryville Despite It Not Being ‘Safe’ For Her And Daisy To Attend

1377083_607803249284642_1889304371_nToday thousands of people will descend upon the Maryville courthouse is support of Daisy Coleman, the young rape victim who is having her case reopened by Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker. Baker has a background investigating sexual assaults and she and her special victims unit will be giving the case a second look. She made this statement regarding the case: “I can also assure you that politics, connections or any other reason you can think of, will not play a role in our review of this case,” she said. “It will be the evidence, as it is in every other case that we review.”

The rally is scheduled for six p.m. this evening and according to

Nodaway County Sheriff Darren White says the county is placing portable toilets on Maryville’s courthouse square and taking other measures to accommodate whatever crowd shows up for the 6 p.m. rally Tuesday.

White says he’s hoping for a peaceful gathering, but with a possible counter-protest also in the works, he acknowledges there is always the risk of a disturbance.

I love when there is a counter-protest because that always means some knuckleheads will be standing around and yelling swear words, just like we saw during the rallies in Steubenville. Melinda and Daisy Coleman appeared on CNN last night, and said that they would like to attend the rally, but they are afraid to:

“We were pondering it, but it sounds almost as if it wouldn’t be safe for us to go just because of all the people in Maryville being very angry with the case right now. But we are thinking about it, and we are very thankful for all the people attending,” Daisy said.

[cnn_player id=”cnn/.element/apps/cvp/3.0/swf/cnn_embed_2x_container.swf?site=cnn&profile=desktop&context=embed&videoId=us/2013/10/21/exp-lead-intv-daisy-coleman-full-missouri-teen-rape-case.cnn&contentId=us/2013/10/21/exp-lead-intv-daisy-coleman-full-missouri-teen-rape-case.cnn”]
Melinda Coleman also released a statement to Anonymous regarding the protest:

We would just like everyone to know that Maryville is NOT a terrible town.  We love so many people there and really were happy there until 1-9-12.  Some families there are truly great friends!!!  The school was incredible and tried so hard to protect my children…..above and beyond the call of duty.  The coaches….even of those boys…..were great and supportive of us.  In fact, the wrestling coach and his wife are the best people you could ever know!  Truly protected us the best they could.   Our horrible experience included a few bad ones that just aggressively went after us……and some people in power that didn’t do their job or protect us.   A lot of people did support as much as they were able.  To those people I am so grateful!  And  to the people who tried to defend us but were also terrorized and threatened……I’m sorry you suffered for us but I love you dearly for trying to help us.  We wanted to stay in Maryville.  We would have stayed if there was a fair investigation and I had felt my children could be safe.  I left for fear for our safety from the family that thinks it’s a little mafia….their threats were very violent.I would never condone an violent protest and all of the protestors have been asked to simple carry a daisy or daisies.  A reporter told me innocent people in Maryville were being threatened.  I checked in to that and found out that the only “threats” have been people sending daisies to the courthouse.  I think that sounds nice and not very threatening.  I do NOT condone violence in our defense.  I don’t want others terrorized as we have been.  I want everyone to have peace.  I also believe that having only Matt Barnett‘s mother speak at the press conferences after Sheriff White and Robert Rice, the Prosecuting attorney, clearly illustrates the connection of their family and the powers to be.  It was a press release……not a pep rally.

Thank you and God Bless!
Praying for justice, no more cyber bulling or rape and fairness for all!

Melinda Coleman

For those of you interested in attending the rally, you can find information here. I will be hopefully be adding links to the live feed of the rally and updating this post later with more information.

I’m excited about the rally tonight and wish I could attend. As we have witnessed before, not only are these events a chance for people to show support to the young victims in this case, but it’s also a time of healing for many attendees and a reminder to the world that people do care about rape victims and that if someone is subjected to a violent crime, that they are not alone. When it comes down to it, this rally isn’t even just for Daisy Coleman and Paige Parkhurst, but for the thousands of victims all over the world who deserve light brought to their cases and to see justice served. For those of you attending tonight, drive safe and remember to bring daisies.

Updates to follow.

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