16 Times Meghan Markle Had A Real Hard Time With Royal Life

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Meghan Markle had to give up a lot when she married Harry.

meghan markle

Image: Instagram/@meghan_markle1981

When Meatloaf sang, “I would do anything for love”, he may as well have been talking about Meghan Markle. She had it pretty good before she met Harry – her own little home in Canada, a starring role on a TV show, some modeling gigs, the freedom to be carefree and independent. She had to pretty much give it all up when she said yes to marrying a prince, and while we doubt she regrets any of it, it still had to have been a hard transition. Especially walking away from her career! Actors work for years to land a role on a serial show on a major network. It must have been very bittersweet to say goodbye to that.

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