16 Times Meghan Markle Had A Real Hard Time With Royal Life

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Meghan Markle can’t even make the royal family happy when it comes to her clothes.

Image: Instagram/@fashionfortrends

Now, we happen to think that Meghan Markle has been knocking it out of the park, fashion-wise. She never looks anything but absolutely stunning. Plus, we dig that she’s bending some of the royal fashion rules a bit! It’s 2019, it’s OK if a woman doesn’t wear pantyhose. But apparently she’s had to deal with some members of the royal family taking issue with her sartorial choices. A palace source says, “Meghan is being told she needs to start dressing less like a Hollywood star and more like a royal.” High hemlines and no hats is a big no-no in the royal family, and Meghan isn’t really following their boring rules when it comes to what she wears.

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