16 Times Meghan Markle Had A Real Hard Time With Royal Life

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She can’t even enjoy her own damn baby shower in peace.

Image: Instagram/@meghan_harry_news

Apparently, Meghan’s baby US baby shower was over-the-top and too Hollywood and angered members of the royal family. This according to Paul Burrell, Princess Diana’s former butler. Burrell says, “I think Prince William will be angered by all of Meghan’s lavish extravagance this week and the fact her baby shower looked so ‘celebrity’ rather than ‘royal’. He has spent years working with the press to give them what they want but also gets what he wants in return — privacy. Meghan is doing exactly what he doesn’t — courting attention all for her and her baby.” So the baby shower, thrown for Meghan by her friends (many of whom are celebrities, given the nature of her past life) was too star-studded. Mmmmmkay.

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