Ways Meghan Markle Will Be A Different Mom Than Kate Middleton

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And in that vein, it seems safe to say that Baby Sussex and their siblings will have a bit more freedom.

Image: Instagram/@meghan_update

Now, obviously we have no idea what life is like behind palace walls for George, Charlotte, and Louis. They’re kids, so we’re assuming they live a life similar to other kids! They play and have free time and are able to explore and grow. But, they are bound by certain rules and expectations (yes, even as kids). Living away from that spotlight will allow Meghan Markle to give her kids the freedom that their cousins may not have. Want to walk around the estate in a onesie, carrying your lovey? Go nuts, kid. Popsicles in the summer in nothing but a diaper? Obviously. The ability to think freely and act like kids whenever they go out, and not just when no one is watching? Country living at its finest.

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