Ways Meghan Markle Will Be A Different Mom Than Kate Middleton

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Baby Sussex (and their future siblings) won’t have the same pressures as the Cambridge kids. But it seems like Meghan Markle is committed to shielding them from it as much as possible.

Image: Instagram/@hrhtheroyals

Listen, we could not imagine the pressure Kate is under all the time. She’s married to and birthed the future kings of England! Like, it’s a done deal – William and George will both be king one day. For Meghan and Harry, the pressure isn’t as intense. Baby Sussex will be seventh in line for the throne, just behind their papa. So the chances of them actually ascending to the throne are pretty small. But regardless of their place in the line of succession, it seems as though Meghan is making a concerted effort to keep Baby Sussex out of the royal fame bubble. They’ve moved out of London into a more private home, she’s doing her own thing when it comes to staff, and she’s forging her own path that diverges from the royal one.

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