Ways Meghan Markle Will Be A Different Mom Than Kate Middleton

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Meghan Markle has a reputation for being very involved and hands-on, so we expect that to extend to her parenting.

Image: Instagram/@meghan_update

By all accounts, Meghan jumped into this royal thing with both feet, and is very involved in her duties and day-to-day scheduling. She’s taken upfront roles with the patronages given to her and Harry by the Queen, communicates regularly with her staff, and is usually up early sending texts and emails about her upcoming schedule. Does that sound like someone who would be OK with not being 100% hands-on with her own kids? We think not! Meghan and Harry are reportedly considering a nanny, but they haven’t hired one, and aren’t looking for one to start for at least three months. It seems like Meghan is going to handle this motherhood thing the way she does everything else: on her own terms.

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