These Meghan Markle GIFs Are Seriously Everything

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They see me rollin’!

royal wedding meghan GIF by BBC

Image: BBC

And maaaaaaaan, we’re people hatin’ that day! We never understood the vitriol flung at Meghan. We mean, we certainly know where it comes from (hi, jealousy and racism!), but it’s stupid. This woman did nothing wrong, and people hate on her for the dumbest things. But you know what? She wakes up every morning, looks over at her royal husband in her royal bed in her royal home, and is probably so unbothered it’s hilarious. It takes a strong woman to be flung into the madness Meghan Markle has endured over the last year, and we love that she just couldn’t give a hoot about any of what’s said about her. Roll on, Duchess.

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