These Meghan Markle GIFs Are Seriously Everything

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A gif that pretty much sums up the last year of Meghan’s life.

happy usa network GIF by Suits

Image: USA Network / Suits; GIPHY @suitsusanetwork

Incidentally, this gif always accurately describes how we feel every time we read a new story about Meghan Markle and the new royal baby. We just cannot wait! We’re so excited, but we’re trying to play it cool because, you know, we’re not actually involved in this pregnancy in any way, shape, or form. But the year Meghan’s had – goodness! From mid-level actress on a TV show to actually royalty, famous the world over. A darling engagement, a dream wedding, the man of her dreams, and a baby on the way. She probably wakes up every morning, looks at Harry, and pinches herself.

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