These Meghan Markle GIFs Are Seriously Everything

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Meghan Markle has one of those faces that says exactly what she’s thinking.

rachel zane GIF by Suits

Image: USA Network / Suits; GIPHY @suitsusanetwork

We love her dearly, but Meghan’s face speaks volumes in some of these Meghan Markle gifs. We wonder if she has to practice at not saying what she’s thinking with her facial expressions? Because we imagine there are plenty of situations she experiences as a Duchess that activate her inner eye-roll. “Duchess, would you care to slip your very pregnant feet into these high heels and stand for some pictures?” “Absolutely.” But said with the face she’s making in the gif above, LOL. Having one of those faces is both a blessing and a curse. But it also makes for some really good gifs, so we’re not complaining.

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