These Meghan Markle GIFs Are Seriously Everything

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For when you say, “Fine”, but it is NOT fine.

rachel zane usa GIF by Suits

Image: USA Network / Suits; GIPHY @suitsusanetwork

See, this is one we can use SO MUCH. Because let’s be honest: almost every time we say, “Fine”, things are absolutely not fine. Not even close. Passive aggression is one of our strengths, and a tersely spoken “Fine” along with a thin-lipped smile and maybe a nod is the best way to show you’re not fine but also not interested in telling someone why it’s not fine. This one works well when your partner pissed you off and doesn’t know why and you don’t want to tell them. Which is basically every single day when you’re married and/or in a long-term relationship.

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