These Meghan Markle GIFs Are Seriously Everything

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On the contrary, Duchess – we know you’ve this in the bag.

usa network GIF by Suits

Image: USA Network / Suits; GIPHY @suitsusanetwork

So many people doubted Meghan Markle when she first came into Harry’s life. They started tearing her down as soon as it looked like he was serious about her. People picked her apart, piece by piece, from her hair to the way she spoke to the way she didn’t seem to just fade into the background while Harry took center stage. She’s been hated on and doubted from day one, and she’s shown them time and time again that she was pretty much born to fill this role. Her confidence is one of the best things about her, and definitely one of the things we admire most. We know Meghan can handle it, and using this gif will help you believe you can handle anything, too.

Which of these Meghan Markle gifs is your favorite? There really is a Meghan gif for any and all situations!

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