How Prince Harry Has Changed Since Meghan Markle Entered The Picture

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Prince Harry is much more relaxed since meeting Meghan Markle.

Image: Instagram/@windsorfacts

Prince William has definitely always been the more level-headed of the royal brothers. He’s been raised as the locked-in heir to the throne, so he has to handle himself differently in public. He can’t get into with paparazzi or hash out family issues in the press. Prince Harry never seemed too keen on following that royal protocol – if someone got in his face, he got in theirs! But since meeting Meghan, Harry has gotten much more relaxed, and you can see it in the way he handles himself in very public situations. The notable exception would be when he released a statement admonishing the press and public for their treatment of Meghan. But you know what? Don’t come for her, you won’t get Harry’s wrath.

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