How Prince Harry Has Changed Since Meghan Markle Entered The Picture

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More healthy changes for Prince Harry: no more caffeine and meat. Whaaaaaaat?

Image: Instagram/@hrhmeghanmarkle

OK, now things are getting a little out of hand! Cigarettes? We’re on board with that, those things are dangerous and gross. Booze? Sure, as a show of solidarity or to get healthy, 100% for it. BUT COFFEE AND MEAT, HAVE YOU NO SHAME?? We kid, we kid! Lifestyle changes look different for everyone. It’s being reported that Harry was inspired by Meghan to cut out caffeine and meat in an effort to get healthy, and that’s a good start! But we’re curious about when this change happened. After all, Harry proposed over a roasted chicken that the two of them prepared together, so maybe this was something they did during the pregnancy?

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