How Prince Harry Has Changed Since Meghan Markle Entered The Picture

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More than anything, Prince Harry seems to have become much more comfortable with who he is and how he wants to navigate his lot in life.

Image: Instagram/@royal.official2

We’ve all watched Harry and William grow up in the public eye. Many of us grew up right alongside them! So it’s been nice to watch Harry come into his own after meeting and marrying Meghan Markle. He seems more comfortable in his own skin. He’s less encumbered by his royal title, and doesn’t really seem to give it much thought. It can’t be easy to be born into a life you cannot change or escape, even if you wanted to. But there’s a certain satisfaction, we imagine, in carving out your own space in that life, and changing how you live it. Meghan really seems to have set Harry free, and it’s been a joy to witness it.

Now that Prince Harry is a papa, expect more changes on the way! Just as falling in love can change a person, becoming a parent will flip your life upside down and change everything all over again. We can’t wait to see how Harry handles it.

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