How Prince Harry Has Changed Since Meghan Markle Entered The Picture

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He’s also made more time for the people.

Image: Instagram/@british_royal_family_br

Apparently, one of the royal rules (seriously, so many of those) is that royals aren’t supposed to mingle with or take photos with fans and commoners. Seems dumb, especially if they want to appear more real and approachable, but we don’t make the rules! But Meghan isn’t a royal-by-blood, and as an actress, she’s probably used to taking time to talk to fans. She’s rubbed off on Prince Harry in that regard, too. He and Meghan routinely stop and chat with fans, and they’ve even been known to take a selfie or two! His mom Princess Diana was known as the People’s Princess for how approachable she was, and it sounds like Harry is taking after his mama.

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